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Guest Speaker Policy

Guest Speaker Policy Revised April 2018

Please note, SPIAO is a not-for-profit Society and any assistance to minimize costs would be greatly appreciated.

Speakers for Winter, Fall and Christmas Workshops

Speakers are typically expected to attend at their own expense, especially where the speakers may provide risk management services directly or indirectly to the public sector. Speakers that do not provide such services may be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses, upon request and at the discretion of the SPIAO Executive.

SPIAO provides speakers with morning and mid-morning refreshments and lunch.

At the sole discretion of the SPIAO executive, SPIAO may provide speakers with a small honorarium in the form of a gift.

Speakers for May Conference

At the sole discretion of SPIAO, speakers may be provided with a small honorarium in the form of a gift in appreci ation for their contribution to the success of the Conference.

In addition, all speakers at the conference will be offered one of the following:

  • overnight accommodations (including taxes), including three meals; or
  • mileage at a rate equal to the CRA per-kilometer allowance and two meals.

The Director-at-Large will be the key contact for speakers who accept the invitation to speak. This will ensure consistent delivery of information to speakers, a central point for booking rooms, A/V requirements, meal requirements, etc.

Guest Speaker Procedures

  1. Upon confirmation of the Speaker’s engagement, Speaker will provide a one to two sentence description of their topic, to be included in agenda. Speakers are asked to provide an electronic copy of their presentation, for review by the SPIAO executive, one week before the start of the Workshop and two weeks before the start of the Conference. As there are many different versions of programs, it’s urged that a copy be forwarded so we can ensure it works with the system used at the conference.
  2. Speakers who wish to provide attendees with materials or a copy of their presentation are responsible to make available such materials themselves: SPIAO will not print and bring hardcopies of such materials. SPIAO will inform the speaker of the estimated number of attendees, if the speaker advises in advance of their intention to make such materials available. Speakers must provide such materials one week in advance of the Workshop and two weeks in advance of the Conference.
  3. To accommodate different styles of learning, speakers are encouraged to include a visual component in their presentation, e.g. PowerPoint or examples of trial exhibits. The SPIAO executive typically arranges for the provision of audio, visual and computer, including internet where available but speakers should clarify the need for any special requests with their SPIAO contact in advance of the session.
  4. Speakers are asked to provide a current biography approximately one week in advance of the Workshop and two weeks in advance of the Conference. At the discretion of the speaker, they can provide a digital photograph along with the biography for possible inclusion in advertising materials.
  5. For Conferences, speakers must advise their Executive contact whether or not they require hotel accommodations at least two months in advance of their speaking date, otherwise accommodation cannot be guaranteed. SPIAO will pay costs as noted in the Guest Speaker Policy. Additional costs will be at the speaker’s own expense.
  6. Speakers are welcome to register for the balance of the Annual Conference at the regular Conference registration cost, subject to any applicable allowance or credit. Speakers for workshops are welcome to attend prior to their presentation time or remain after their presentation for the presentation(s) afterwards, as well remain for lunch.
  7. After each Workshop and Conference, SPIAO will include your presentation and materials on By supplying a copy of your presentation, the Speaker grants SPIAO the non-exclusive worldwide right to reproduce, publish and distribute these materials to their audience in any medium or format, in the course of its operations.

 Interested in Presenting at a Workshop or Conference?